Dynamis serves by empowering families to educate their children effectively even though there is a crisis in education in the nation. Dynamis brings hope to desperate families by involving them as the main educators of their children.

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Martie du Plessis

Martie du Plessis

Martie Du Plessis heads up Dynamis. She is a qualified remedial therapist, an educational consultant and home education mentor and Uncapped Education coach.

Over the past 31 years Martie trained many parents and teachers to aid children with special needs with the last 18 years specializing in help to Home Educating parents. Martie is the founder of Dynamis Institute and Uncapped Education.



Dynamis offers seminars and personal consultations with families to determine what approach and curricula will work best for your child and your family. During the consultation, learning preferences, talents and giftedness will be determined and specific advice concerning the choice of curricula and the variation of learning methods will be given.
Guidance will also be given with regards to career choices and how to bring the best out of any learning experience. Many families got help in their relationships through the input of Dynamis. Martie gives guidance to parents with children with special needs, children with special talents and giftedness and she also gives career guidance. Martie home educated her own daughter, Chamonix who is today married with five children, has completed her B.Ed degree in Early Childhood development and Foundation Phase Education. Chamonix wants to do therapy for children with special needs using animals as part of the process towards their wholeness.


Upcoming Dates

01 March 2022 - 01 March 2022
Home Education Uncapped Education Zoom seminar Bookings for 1 March 2022 can be made directly on this link: remember to please email your proof of payment to
Venue: Zoom Platform 19h00 - 21h30, Your home 18h30 Introduce yourself if you want, Your home R250 per family Bookings with , ,
Martie du PLessis and Trained Rooted Families of the Dynamis Institute urge parents to act in the interest of their children and advocate for their own families. Parents can be more effective in their parenting by using their unique environment to equip young people. Parents need to be UNCAPPED for children to experience liberty in learning. Be trained to develop your children's HEART, HEAD and HAND and so develop a sure pathway and resilience that is needed in this emerging marketplace. TOPICS THAT WILL BE COVERED:Sacredly able parents and educators protect the vulnerability of the child. How to raise thinkers and develop character and GRIT from young. How do you act in the interest of the children you are responsible for?How to celebrate your children.2 February 2022 can be made directly on this link: remember to please email your proof of payment to

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DVD resources equipping parents and teachers in educational principles.

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Audio resources in English and Afrikaans and English designed to be used 'on the move.'

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Martie du Plessis offers seminars and private consultations to families.

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"The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values."

William S. Burroughs