Dynamis offers personal consultations with families to determine what approach and curricula will work best for your child and your family. Consultations are done in person and are all carried out by Martie.

Before personal consultations can take place, it is essential that parents attend a Dynamis seminar in order to obtain clarity and understanding of learning styles. Alternatively, parents can purchase the DVD sets, "Home Education", "Vision For The Family" or "Principles for an Unsinkable Education" in lieu of attending a seminar.

Personal Consultations, lasting for two hours, take place the day after the seminar. During the consultation, learning styles will be determined and specific advice concerning the choice of curricula and the adaptation of learning methods will be given.

Available learning material will be on view for the parents to investigate. Learning style forms, evaluating both parents and children must be completed prior to the consultation. (Learning profiles to be arranged with Dynamis Institute).

When consultations are booked at Dynamis in Clarens, overnight arrangements are your responsibility. Go here for accommodation suggestions in Clarens.


Seminar R400 per family
Principles For An Unsinkable Education (4-part DVD Series) R500.00 (excluding P&P)
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Vision For The Family (6-part DVD Series with Manual) R600.00 (excluding P&P)
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Home Education (2-part DVD Series with Slide Presentation) R550.00 (excluding P&P)
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Consultation R950.00 per family or Skype R800 (2-hour session)
Hands-on Session with Rooted family in your area R300.00 per hour