Home Education

The switch to home education requires that a child change his/ her environment from school to home. The child is then guided and channelled by the parents. Such direction of children is an ongoing process and cannot be restricted to three or four hours per day. Only if parents grasp this concept will they be able to understand the heart of home education.

In a school environment, all the children are expected to learn and work in exactly the same manner, irrespective of their individual differences. In many cases, children are expected to think and do things in the same way as the teacher does. If this is not the natural learning method of the child, then learning can be delayed. The same can occur in the home school set up if parents do not grasp the most important advantage of home education that parents can develop a home education program to suit the unique and individual needs of their children and family.

Martie du Plessis has been encouraging parents over the last 17 years that they are the best curriculum, and that 80% of what children need are 100% in the hands of the parents. The dilemma is that parents often do not believe this and as a result fail to impart their wealth of internal resources, skills and gifting to their children.

Through the seminars and consultations Martie has proven that parents are better equipped to believe that they are the best educators; also, that any other institution is just an extension of the parent. There is no better environment than a loving home and a personal tutor. Children are never offered second-rate education as is often the case in some conventional schools, but rather get the best education in the safety of their own homes. This is always the case where parents use their home to the fullest extent.

Home educated children are not just intellectually prepared, but also prepared for life on spiritual and personal levels making them more wholehearted citizens. Simply put, they are trained for life and not just to make a living. Our children are grown in the living centers of life where the best books, resources, flexibility and control are readily available. Life is a classroom where the home environment offers all the realities of real life.

It is advisable that parents read as many books as possible about home education or attend a DYNAMIS seminar.