Dynamis Associates

Due to the high demand in the country, Martie du Plessis has trained and mentored other families to grasp the calling to be of assistance and encouragement to others in home educating their children. Martie outsources, interacts and works interdependently with other experienced and reliable associates to carry the vision of bringing hope to families in need of direction.
To take responsibility for your family's education is not just an IDEAL, but entails a family with a CLEAR VISION. This vision needs to be understood intellectually, morally but most of all spiritually to bring about the vital changes and results needed in a family.
Martie du Plessis networks with families, ministries and entities who have grasped and understood the bigger picture in the educational process.
Martie can endorse the following families with confidence as trustworthy sources of help. These families, ministries or businesses will charge a seminar or consultation fee.

YADA Families (Suzanne Hattingh)


Francois and Suzanne Hattingh has been home educating their four children since 2008. They believe that "Godly Wisdom" and "Godly Character" are not things that you can Google. These foundations need to be developed day-by-da, minute-by-minute through loving care and discipline in secure surroundings like the family. Francois and Suzanne's passion is about restoring healthy relationships within the family to ensure an optimum learning environment for every member of the family. They have experienced a transformation in their own family, by moving from the typical school system to a LIFESTYLE of LEARNING! Suzanne has been involved with many home educating families on an informal level, assisting them with the right choices for their own families. She heads up "Boland Home Education," a support and networking group that is focused on drawing new families closer, with organized and arranged outings, where they meet other like-minded families and friends. They have been involved in family ministry for many years as part of "Family Foundations International." They have a heart to assist other families to develop their own lifestyle of learning through encouragement and follow-up sessions after they have already been exposed to Dynamis and the home education solution!

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