How To Choose A Curriculum

The choice of a curriculum for your child/family can be determined through a personal consultation, during which time the learning styles of each family member is analyzed.

  • Learning style evaluations determine how parents and children learn and leads to the suggestion or design of an appropriate curriculum.
  • These evaluations help to discover learning style preferences.

Learning Style Assessment

Parents are able to figure out their children's learning style; they know how their children processes and remembers information, hence they are able to invest in the right curriculum. For example: When children are more hands-on in their approach and they are forced to sit still they will not learn well. Or when they need to think through information and they always get rushed, they will feel anxious most of the time.
There are many tests that parents can find on the internet to determine learning preferences, but are often stymied in choosing the best curriculum. Martie assists families to choose the curriculum that will be most suitable for the family as a whole, since even the learning styles of parents play a critical role in the educational process.

In a school environment, all the children are expected to learn and work in exactly the same manner, irrespective of their individual differences. In many cases, children are expected to think and do things in the same way as the teacher does. If this is not the natural learning method of the child, then learning can be delayed. The same can occur in the home education set up if parents do not grasp the most important advantage of home education, that parents can develop a home education programme to suit the unique and individual needs of their children and family.

The best way in which to go about home education is for individual family members to get to know each other better. Parents need to become aware of their own learning preferences and the learning preferences of their children. Parents can then purchase a suitable programme, which will work for both the parents and the children.

Learning style forms are obtained and completed by the whole family prior to the consultation.

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