A Letter To Special Friends

An appeal to carry the vision of transforming families forward

Since I received advice from some of my mentors to pursue this effort of receiving assistance from existing home educating families, it took me many days in earnest prayer before I got clarity. Hence you are receiving this appeal. I came to realise that the work of Dynamis has affected, and will continue to affect many worried families and innocent children. As with all ventures I understand that one path leads to personal gain and another purely to serving the needs of people. I chose the latter, albeit the more difficult one, but since I'm single it makes it a little easier to dedicate myself to the needs of others.

I further came to realize that I cannot meet the needs of others if my needs are not fully met. By receiving financial and prayer support from others who share the requirements I am further able to represent many others with the same desire to promote a more value-based educational system in our country. It will be through our combined, dedicated effort in pursuing a quality education for our children that we can also reach out to Government in the belief that they will change their attitude towards the importance of families in our nation.

My purpose with this appeal is to put all that God and people invested in me to good use for others. We all know and agree that to make a real difference in the lives of people is not a one-woman job, but requires focused teamwork. It is for this reason that I find the need to surround myself with like-minded people who can help in different ways. My humble request is that you would consider teaming up with me and giving yourself to a cause that adds value to the lives of others.

I am facing the reality that to keep up with my travels to different communities scattered throughout the country, and to sustain the ministry I believe God has called me to, has become too much to bear alone. I have a critical need to operate from a secure base. Clarens is positioned centrally, is a fairly affordable place to stay and travel from, and also offers much needed tranquillity that is conducive to writing more material.

Direct expenses to the sustainability of Dynamis continue to be travelling, communication and printing. Furthermore, the need for a qualified assistant has become evident. In ensuring that the day-to-day running costs of this ministry are covered, it will also afford me the opportunity to conduct seminars and consultations in lower socio-economic areas where affordability is always a concern.

I am appealing to you to consider becoming not only a prayer partner in this ministry, but also to offer financial support on either a once-off or monthly basis. In asking for your support I am hesitant to place a specific amount on paper, but I am convinced that your obedience to the Spirit of God will be more than sufficient.

Thank you in advance for your support and prayers to the work of Dynamis, and in choosing to partner yourself with this ministry.

Martie du Plessis

Banking Details

Dynamis Fund (Request for accountability if needed)

Capitec Savings

Acc# 1357281305

Branch Code: 470010

Recommendation From Mentors

  • Waldo Malan

    I have had close contact with Martie over the last couple of years and have realized the importance of her calling in helping families realize their potential in and for God. My encounters with Martie has highlighted the fact that what she has to offer far exceeds mere educational needs. In fact, the educational challenges families face is merely the start of a far deeper process of achieving overall wholeness within that vital context. My encouragement to all who agree that families united in God should be a common goal, is to translate that belief into action and support Martie spiritually, but also financially in this critical task. Often financial concerns prevent us from being focussed on our calling, and I believe that like-minded people can contribute to remove this concern off the shoulders of Martie. It goes without say that God blesses unity among His children, and that His principle of seedtime and harvest is set in place.
    (Waldo Malan, Media Director, Mentor and Friend. July 2012)

  • Marian Fitz-Gibbon

    As a mentor of Martie du Plessis, I recognize the call of God on her life. She is a woman of God who challenges families to reach high standards of education, family unity and to embrace their God given calling through home education. Sowing into this God-inspired ministry will produce a harvest in the lives of your children and ultimately in this nation. It is said, "As the family goes, so goes the nation." It is with confidence that I strongly encourage you to generously support the Dynamis Fund and Martie.
    Marian Fitz-Gibbon (CEO of F G Foundations, Mentor & Friend. July 2012)

  • Christiaan van der Walt

    I know Martie du Plessis as a friend for two decades and I understand some of the most dynamics of her life's journey. Being in the mission field for a couple of years, I understand and value the support, also financially, of close and appreciated friends. Worthwhile ministry in the Kingdom of Jesus is not a single effort but teamwork. There is a need in Martie's ministry for stronger financial support to ease the financial pressures of our time and to help her to be more at liberty to devote herself to God's call as time and opportunity demand. If you are in a position to assist her it will be really appreciated and I trust a good investment in the Kingdom life that Jesus desires to bring about.
    Christian van der Walt (Leader of a church in Bloemfontein, Mentor and Friend. July 2012)

  • Craig Botha

    My wife Shannon and I have had the privilege of knowing Martie for about 10 years now and during this time have invited her to equip many of the diverse families in Grace Generation Church in Pietermaritzburg. Her informative and strategic equipping of families in the areas of education and finding 'life purpose' have been extremely beneficial to all our folk. Martie's unique prophetic gift and sensitivity to the voice of God has also enabled her contribution to exceed mere educational empowering. Let's continue to pray for and support our dear friend as she makes ongoing impact in this critical arena within our nation.
    Craig Botha(Grace Generation Church;