Principles For An Unsinkable Education


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Principles For An Unsinkable Education

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  • Principles For An Unsinkable Education
    4 Session DVD Set & Presentation Files (CD)

    Martie du Plessis of Dynamis guides home educating parents, grandparents and educators in alternative education to basic principles that will have a lasting effect on the education of children. These principles will equip children for real life and to have a mind-set of being job creators rather than jobseekers. It will also empower them to instil the same principles in future generations.

    DVD Session 1 & 2
    • The current challenges and realities of our educational system
    • Dynamis has a workable answer... the parent
    • Principles based education that will give more power and energy
    • Values for intentional commitment to education
    • Character development
    • Children should love learning
    • How do children learn?
    • How real life learning applies to this economy
    • Relationship is key for learning
    • Spiritual wholeness is our first responsibility
    • Finding the right learning path for each child
    • Develop the internal resources of a child
    • Equip children for the 21st Century and the digital era
    • Equip children to be self-workers by the age of 14
    • God's blessing for people who have followed these principles
    DVD Session 3 & 4
    • Alternative education in other countries
    • Are we cloning or educating our children
    • Why would parents not follow these principles?
    • Home education is the answer to this educational crisis
    • Examples of learning areas
    • The big picture of this educational process
    • Curricula options and examples
    • The informal approach for different learners
    • Pre-school children
    • Legality in home education
    • Matriculation options
    • Socialisation
    • Sport
    • Learning problems and how to deal with it
    • Leaving a legacy
  • 4 DVDs & 1 CDRom in a single plastic cover.
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