DYNAMIS has a relationship with a network of people who specialize in areas of education. The philosophy and driving force behind this network is simple: Together we can make a difference!
DYNAMIS has direct relations with the broader Home Education Community in South Africa and links closely with the Associations for Home education and the Pestalozzi Trust.
DYNAMIS connects with many new-generation, home educating families who have grabbed the vision to impart to their families in a different way. This forms a strong network of support in various communities across the nation.
DYNAMIS has relations with The River Group and writes in the MyFaith Magazine
DYNAMIS has strong mentorship over years: Marian Fitz-Gibbon, Christiaan van der Walt, Waldo Malan, Ernestine Goldbladt and Craig Botha
DYNAMIS has a strong group of friends praying, specifically when Martie is travelling.
DYNAMIS has developed into Dynamis Institute in 2018. The aim is to train and mentor other families to assist and encourage home educating families worldwide.

Justin & Chamonix Boland ( Free State)

Home-grown Enterprises
"Reaching heights within your home"

  • Promotes natural, simplified parenting
  • Encouraging mothers in their high calling
Mobile +27 (0)83 740 3827
Fax +27 (0)86 577 2687


Director of Above Rubies in South Africa - Strengthening families across South Africa Website
Email - Above Rubies

Jansen van Rensburg (Eastern Cape)

Association for Home Education for East London

WEBSITE and Email

Jansen van Rensburg: Email

Annemarie Lombard

Parents and teachers today face unique challenges. While having to embrace and facilitate positive change, we need to hang on to the basic components necessary for our children to learn, grow and socialise in order to develop into well adapted, positive and healthy individuals. At Sensory Intelligence we have strong roots based on neuroscience and our experience as occupational therapists. We use our specialist knowledge to empower parents and teachers towards implementation of practical, simplistic, effective, yet powerful sensory strategies that really work and make a difference. We offer interactive workshops for parents and teachers in order to become sensory intelligent and empowered for effective parenting. Our workshops are interactive and discussion-based to ensure enough time and opportunity for sharing. It is an experience which creates loads of "aha" moments and really gives insights and strategies that make a difference. All our parent workshop facilitators are skilled and competent therapists who are parents themselves.


Christo & Linnie Lues (Durbanville)

Encouraging larger families to home educate, as well as to encourage healthy living in family life
Christo on Facebook

Willemien Kruger

Willemien Kruger has over 8 years of homeschool experience with her own 3 children, and has been pointing many individuals in the right direction over the past few years. Her website is about finding support as you explore the unique 7 Step Process to continuously improve your homeschooling experience (including templates and examples). You can also read about why homeschooling is really about discipleship, discover recommended reading for homeschool encouragement and more on Child Development stages.

Website [English] ::: Webwerf [Afrikaans]

Waldo & Sharon Malan (East London)

The role and application of music & worship

Matriculation Seminars - Cambridge vs. GED

Website & Online Music Theory Course (2018)


Hettie Brittz (Gauteng)

Hettie Brittz focusses on helping parents in their disciplining of their children by taking in account the temperament of family members. She focusses on the building block for parental authority.

Peter and Zaria Lamberti (Gauteng)

Peter and Zaria Lamberti support Dynamis vision to empower families in homeschooling education. We have been in the television industry for 25 years; Peter has made over 200 documentaries for channels such as National Geographic, Animal Planet, Smith Sonian, Discovery and so forth. Our latest venture is starting an online channel called Lion Mountain TV OR download our app on Apple (Android following shortly).

We are passionate about embarking on the journey of life with our children, integrating our passion into every day life. We live and learn as we dream of our next adventure together. We are excited about our childrenŐs series, available on our channel and look forward to expanding this platform for home educators in the future.


contact no +27 (0)82 570 9493
P/Bag X 29, Postnet 580, Gallo Manor, 2052

Soekie Krog (North West)

Radikids School of Sound - Children's Ministry South Africa

Tel: +27829058879



PO Box 414, Hartbeespoort, North West, 0216, South Africa

Shirlee Erwee

Shirley Erwee is a homeschooling mother of 6, who has been home educating her own children plus two others for over 20 years, since 1997. She is also a curriculum provider, author, home education activist and advisor. She is passionate about supporting and encouraging home educating parents at every stage of their journey.
Besides co-authoring the Footprints On Our Land South African homeschool curriculum series, she has also published two books for homeschooling parents, Homeschooling The Primary Years and Homeschooling High School, as well as a parent guide for moms of preschoolers, ABC Fun & 1-2-3.

She also offers webinars which you can download and view at your convenience. These webinars are to inform and equip homeschooling parents about the various options available to them at different stages of their homeschooling journeys, including starting homeschooling, homeschooling high school and more. She also runs Online GED South Africa, providing an online course to prepare candidates for the GED tests, a grade equivalent that is popular among home educators.

Gavin and Wendy Young (Western Cape)

Wendy Young is a homeschool mom to 4 children - 3 homeschool graduates and one finishing soon. She has always homeschooled. She also co-authored a series of South African homeschool programs.

Johan & Karla Oberholzer (Krugersdorp)

Giving guidance to bigger families and breastfeeding mothers

Francois & Suzanne Hattingh (Wellington)

Francois & Suzanne Hattingh focuses on Empowering families:
Their hearts are to bring families together and especially draw in NEW home educating families who need support, love and care! They believe families need each other for accountability, affection and encouragement! They run an adventure support group that is about having fun together whilst cultivating a lifestyle of learning through interests, activities and responsibilities. They reach out to other families and mentor them to become true disciples who know their potential in God.

Suzanne Hattingh

Jannie & Tertia Putter (Gauteng)

Motivating families, motivational speakers, focus on sport and health

Website for Jannie Putter

John, Sharlene, Addisyn, & Jessica van Tonder

It has been our privilege to train and mentor Christian leaders and their families for almost 15 years. Our journey with church leaders has exposed us to various countries, cultures and church groupings, and also included 6 years as family in Southeast Asia. We have found that home schooling is not only a wonderful way to equip our own kids for life, but it has also been a platform to help others discover God's calling for them as families.

Not all of us are called or able to home school our kids, but we are all called to disciple them and equip them for life. God knows that children flourish in a loving family, and that the parents can be used by Him as the main curriculum for discipling and equipping. We love to encourage others who want to walk and grow with God as the parents He called them to be.

Email John Email Sharlene

Hoggie & Helen Viljoen (Eastern Cape)

Located in Middelburg, Eastern Cape


Paul and Elize Lambrechts (Bloemfontein)

Our family has been homeschooling for 14 years now! After seminars and a few consultations with Martie, we've surely learned something new each time and grew in an innovative way to equip our whole family. We have a different perspective of the world and the ways of learning. As a homeschooling family we never stop learning new things. We highly recommend Martie's seminars as well as her products to all new and old homeschooling families. Martie is an absolute mentor to our family and will always be.

Elize email

Nardus en Lindie Venter (George)

We are a home education family for about five years and have been hosting seminars for Martie and advising both old and new educaters. Our family has a heart to encourage both fathers and mothers on their homeschool journey as well as their relationship with each other in this journey.


Ilona Greeff (Gauteng)

Fischertechnik construcion sets are specially designed for use in technical instruction and in technical facilities for the basic, secondary and tertiary levels. Topics: mechanics, statics, electrical technology and regenerative energies.
Children building fischertechnik constructions, are exposed to real life technology / micro engineering. They also develop all important skills such as:

  • fine motor co-ordination;
  • visual motor co-ordination;
  • visual discrimination;
  • visual memory;
  • problem solving;
  • creativity

Please visit our website
or contact Ilona Greeff on +27 (0)82 376 0394

Stephan & Emmeline Le Roux (Gauteng)

Supportive of the Dynamis vision to empower families. Stephan and Emmeline and their family create a base for Martie to do consultations with families when visiting Gauteng.
They strongly believe that the work that Martie does is imperative to the restoration of family life and to give hope to many families. They are home educating their 4 children and are passionate about supporting other families on their home school journey.


Leon & Michelle Botha

We are a family of five and fully support the vision of Dynamis and the amazing work God is doing with Martie as leader of this initiative. With our journey as Christ followers, we have learnt that seeking God's heart and being obedient to His direction, is essential to our joy as a family. Home education was one of those directional callings that changed our lives for the better. Being able to homeschool is one of the biggest blessings and privileges to us. We can truly say that we love to have our kids around all day, and that we as parents can be the primary influence in their lives. What an amazing journey it has been thus far.

Michelle has also been involved in deliverance ministry for the past 7 years where she had the privilege to experience fellow Christians overcoming their uncertainties and enjoy practical Christianity.

Michelle en Leon are part of a group of families who started e-library, an online library available for South African homeschooling families. They share in the passion and the importance of reading books.


Stephen Bampa

My name is Steven Bampa, a Christian man, happily married to an amazing woman and we have 4 incredible sons. I was hooked on pornography for most of my adult life and it was very difficult to get free. For me, I had to take very drastic steps in order to change this deeply-ingrained destructive habit.
For anyone struggling with internet pornography or sexual purity, I really recommend Covenant Eyes filtering and accountability software.
The website is also full of stories, testimonies, information and blogs that can help anyone become free from this sexual addiction by focusing on strong biblical truths and by being very practical as they guide you along the journey to sexual purity.

Should you just need to chat to someone who has been through it all or if I can help you in your sexual purity journey in any way, contact me on 072 304 5511

Theuns & Joy-Milley Kotzee (Tzaneen)

We as a family believe that one of life's highest callings is to home educate your children. When there are healthy relationships in families the society will become a better place. The family is the core of society. We support Dynamis' vision to empower parents and families, not just for this generation but for generations to come. We encourage and give guidance to families on their home education journey.

Jan & Jorika van Schalkwyk (Pretoria)

Our family is supportive of the Dynamis vision to serve families by guiding them through the first practical steps to kick-off their home educating journey. We have created an effective space in a relatively small area were Dynamis can do seminars and consultations with families when visiting Pretoria. This same space is used for safe offerings to the homeschool friends in the form of classes, workshops, studios, and all kinds of training. We believe that the work that Martie does is of paramount importance in starting off with the home educating journey and in the restoration of the family. She gives direction in a sea of information and opinions. Martie opens the family's eyes to "design". She encourages parents and children alike to live passionately and pursuing vision. Hope is given to families. We are home educating our 2 children and are passionate about supporting other families on their home school journey.

Jan van Schalkwyk
Mobile: 082 805 4241

Jorika van Schalkwyk
Mobile: 082 447 2921