Satellite Seminars

DYNAMIS seminars cover a variety of HOME EDUCATION topics

  • How to raise wholehearted and well-equipped children
  • How to celebrate your children and not just tolerate them
  • The role of the family as life givers in education
  • Learning styles, preferences and the effect on learning
  • How children learn best and enjoy learning
  • Discipline and the training of the heart
  • 21st Centurty education in the Digital Era
  • Legal aspects
  • Matriculation (Education and Certification)
  • How to be sure your children will have a job
  • Curriculum discussion
  • Socialization and support groups
  • Sport
  • Children with special needs


Due to the pandemic state of education in some areas of our country, Dynamis has had to find alternative means of reaching families throughout the country.

Lately, Dynamis has been challenged to embrace and make use of the available tools of the digital landscape we live in. In the 21st century, where any parent can be reached through internet training, satellite seminars and many other effective tools, Dynamis is making use of similar media that is hopefully as effective as doing a seminar in person.

Where possible, Martie du Plessis at Dynamis will still personally present seminars. However, Dynamis is currently venturing into a more economic, faster and more user friendly way of communicating important vision and information.


Martie will present a base seminar at the premises of Akademia, a distant learning University in Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng. This center has some of the best facilities for the use of distant learning. Although the base seminar will be held in Centurion, the same seminar will be visible in seven other centers with the same high quality satellite facilities. Other centers currently available are, Roodepoort, Boksburg, Van der BijlPark, Vereeniging, Somerset-West, Belville and Moot, Pretoria. (More centers will also become available soon.)

Those attending the seminars will watch Martie present the full seminar on big screen and will be linked in such a way with the other centers so as to facilitate questions and answer opportunities. Martie will have a full view of all those attending and can interact with families at any stage throughout the seminar.


The prerequisite for the personal consultations are either seminar attendance (in person or satellite seminar) or watching a DVD or audio seminar. (This material is available for purchase from Dynamis) Before each seminar Dynamis will already have scheduled consultation slots at various venues. The two hourly consultation per family usually takes place for a few days after the seminar date. Please email Martie to communicate your specific need as a family. Telephonic consultations can be arranged in certain circumstances.

A further DVD or CD pack titled, STRESS-FREE EDUCTION is available for parents to use after the consultations so as to further equip them on how to apply themselves to their new educational journey or even as an additional practical tool with specific guidance of following a stress-free approach to education. This is specifically relevant for parents that need an alternative approach to provide education to their children.

Dynamis is passionate about empowering parents, with the aim of helping parents have more vision, energy and power in their educational journey. Dynamis also empower families, who want to help other families, to be effective in being life givers to others still in need.

Cost per family R400.00

The consultation is a prerequisite for the personal family consultations. If families have not attended the seminar and urgently need a consultation, they can purchase one of the dvd sets and familiarise them with the background information that Martie covers in her seminar.